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Unicorn Energy Introduced

The Unicorn energy was introduced into our realm on June 20, 2015, and will remain with us until well into the future. During this time, Gaia experienced a positive time shift.

The Unicorn energy is far different from anything that we have experienced in the recent past and will require much time to adjust and acclimate to.

Physical, emotional and mental undulations as well as temporary feelings of being out of sync or disconnected from the outside world will rule this month of July. Mental interruptions as well as physical clearing/symptoms in varying intensities can also be expected.

For those humans who are carry the Unicorn energy signature, they are charged with grounding and introducing this energy into the Gaia Collective. For them, July will be an unsettling month.

Those born in the earlier to mid part of the last century( 1940’s to 1970) will finally witness validation and progress in their life path which, most likely, has been eluding them for some time ( decades). An audience has finally awakened and is now aligned to welcome your talents.

In summation, July marks the dawn of a New Era, ushering in change for ALL.

Blessings and Gratitude to All!

Jack, The Watcher

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