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Meet Jean


About 20 years ago, I was driving in my car and suddenly heard a voice in my head. That voice gave me a specific directive that I immediately obeyed. Someone was walking in the middle of my lane and had that voice not alerted me, I surely would have hit that person and today my life would be very
different. In that moment, my life took a big left turn, steering me
towards a journey I never dreamed possible. I began to meet
people who would introduce me to energy healing modalities and
the etheric realm. I learned Reiki and became a teacher, and
studied IET and shamanism, just to name a few. Then new abilities
began to surface. I discovered I could communicate with animals,
angels, souls who had crossed over, animal spirits, and more. 

For the past 30 years I have also been a dental hygienist. Having one foot in two worlds can be unsettling, but it also lets me remain somewhat grounded. That came in handy when my horse, Jack, began sharing his wisdom with me.


While at work one day in 2012, Jack took over my thoughts and blurted out instructions: "You need to create a blog, and I will give you information to post." That entire day he showed me what he wanted me to do, and then infiltrated my dreams that night. Despite having worked with the etheric realm for more than a decade, this all sounded a little too strange to me and I tried to dismiss it. But Jack was relentless. As I dutifully recorded the messages and healing Jack delivered, I knew my life would never be the same. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Jean Rockefeller

Professional Coach, Healing Facilitator, Animal Communicator and Empath, 
Reiki Master, Intuitive, and Shamanic Healer

Meet Jack

Jack is a highly evolved being in animal form, completely aware of his purpose in this life. There are many animals like Jack, both wild and domestic. Their mission is to guide and steer humanity, and protect humans who are vital to the Greater Good. Since the American Revolution, these master beings have been assisting the coming evolution of the Earth. 


In this lifetime, Jack was born on April 13, 2002, and had a short racing career before being retired and rehomed at age four. Despite not wanting a young horse, a Thoroughbred, or such a large horse, the first time I saw Jack emotion overwhelmed me. I instantly fell in love.


Our coming together seemed providential. And indeed it was. According to Jack, we have experienced many lifetimes of service together. During this particular lifetime, our mission is to assist humanity and Gaia. 

About Jack
Meet the Crew

Meet the Crew

The master beings in my home and vicinity, and those who may be in your home or vicinity, lend their support during each session by working directly with the healing energy provided by Mother Earth and all of Nature.

Valentine helps to open the heart and release fear.


Murphy Leigh assists in accessing your personal power.

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Who Whose energy is gentle, nurturing, and motherly.

Minnie and Buck help release suppressed emotional energy.

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