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Focused Life-Force Energy will support positive life changes, enhance health, and raise one's level of consciousness

What is Focused Life-Force Energy?

FLFE is a subscription service that activates a high-consciousness field around a property or object such as a cell phone.


The technology utilizes quantum association to activate a high-consciousness field in conjunction with positive declarative statements that have been calibrated to raise consciousness.

No Credit Card Required


"My ability to connect with my clients and their animals has been sharpened with Focused Life-Force Energy. FLFE has made such a difference in my life that I wanted to share it, in a big way."

"Jack lives at a nearby on a farm that’s been around since the 1700s. There is a lot of history here including the Revolutionary and  Civil war and horses can feel the energy of the land. As soon as FLFE was activated, all the horses took off running around like crazy for five minutes.

As time wore on, there was a noticeable difference with the horses. They were calmer and everything seemed a lot more serene. It was really incredible because animals are more sensitive to things that we’re not even aware of. It was a really good illustration of just how powerful this service is.

I had an incredible amount of energy immediately upon starting the service. The upgraded nutrition stream has made my whole digestive system work better. My hair and nails are growing faster and I swear I have less grey hair than I did before.

My family is all getting along better than ever. My 10-month old grandson sleeps longer when he's here. His parents are jealous of how well he sleeps here and how quickly he falls asleep!

I encourage everyone to try the 15-Day Free Trial with no credit card or cancelation required."

~ Jean

No Credit Card Required

"We have lots of Wi-Fi in our house and although we have pounds of shungite to reduce the effects of EMFs, in my experience, FLFE is far more effective in mitigating the negative effects. 


Valentine explained to me that since FLFE was activated, it’s as though  the clouds have parted. He and all of my animals feel better and more connected.


FLFE has raised the consciousness of my animals and helped them feel more connected to the Earth, each other, and the things they need to do as Gaia’s warriors."

~ Jean

Electro-Magnetic Field Mitigation

All FLFE subscriptions include our EMF Mitigation Program, which reduces the consciousness-lowering effects of EMFs.


It works by raising the level of consciousness of a device emitting consciousness-lowering EMFs. This results in the EMFs emitted going from being consciousness-lowering to neutral or consciousness-increasing in an environment.


The program also uses the energetic signature of the mineral shungite to harmonize, neutralize, deflect, and dissipate consciousness-lowering EMFs.


The EMF Mitigation program reduces 99% or more of all consciousness-lowering EMFs in an environment.


How Does FLFE Work?

The FLFE service activates a high-consciousness field around a property or object such as a cell phone. In conjunction with written programs — or positive declarative statements — the FLFE device directs life-force energy to a specified location or object.


Programs include support for health, rising in consciousness, the Brain Optimization Program, and more — including the Electro-Magnetic Field Mitigation Program.

Experience higher levels of consciousness simply by activating your 15-day Free Trial today!

No Credit Card Required

"I’ve been working with some clients for years and feel a real difference since starting FLFE. Clients seem to face less barriers in their own journeys. I’m getting them to higher vibrational places than before. FLFE makes facilitating a session so much better."


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Jean receives a small commission for subscriptions purchased from this page.

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