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Earth Dragon Transmission!

I wanted to extend my gratitude to all who participated in the Earth Dragon Transmission, thank you! I offered this for many reasons. Most importantly, I wanted to ascertain how the horses would react to multiple unknown being’s energy entering their space. You can watch the transmission on Facebook at any time!

Also, please forgive my serious countenance as I was a little nervous about using FB live for the first time. Anyone who knows me personally can attest to my lightheartedness and quirky sense of humor:)

By now, you have begun to process and integrate the energies of the Earth Dragon Transmission, I welcome your feedback! The Earth Dragon Energy Transmission imparted a heightened sense of safety and security through a deep grounding and connection to Gaia. Some may have also received a Kundalini activation which would be subtle but will become more detectable in the coming days and even weeks. I will leave the video up for about another week and each time you view it, it will change as more souls add their energy to the Transmission. Much Love to you All!

Jean, Jack and all the horses of Churchville Farm

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