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Mercury Energy Is Pulling Our Intention Inward

The powerful planet Mercury is now pulling our intention inward, toward the core of our being. He, along with the Sun, is now Illuminating parts of ourselves and our environments that need attention, pruning, healing or release. This time of "Mercury in Retrograde" is far different than those of the past as He is now assisting in release and healing rather than simply turning Our attention to where we need to direct our focus in order to grow.

One can now actively engage with Mercury and the Sun by feeding these Beings with Honor and Gratitude. Knowing that they are now actively assisting in Our Evolution.

As we expand Our awareness into higher dimensions, it is imperative that we begin to recognize the countless beings that are helping Us to Ascend. The Nature is just one of the forces that are adding energy and awareness to Our expansion. Our Celestial Brethren must also now be recognized, as they are too taking a very active role in Our Ascension and ultimately, Gaia's evolution.

Personally, I welcome this time of "Mercury in retrograde" as I and the Watchers are now able to rest, recalibrate, and just be. Some may notice that you are also inhabiting this place of stasis with us. Enjoy this time of rest and recalibration. Quietly observe those around you from a place of compassionate disassociation as your Lightwork will ramp up soon!.

A simple exercise to promote gratitude:

  • A few times a day, halt your thoughts and actions, become still. Look at your surroundings and center yourself completely in the present; the here and now.

  • Proclaim out loud your name, what day of the week it is, what time it is and what you are doing.

  • Take then a deep breath and focus your thought energy and emotional energy on Love and emanate that energy out into Creation, Gaia or anything or anyone who comes to mind in that moment.

  • At this point you can also give a blessing of gratitude to all whom have graced your life or Count a few of your blessings.

This exercise may cause alterations in your dream state as control of your thought energy is vicariously extended into other realms and dimensions. Meaning you may find that your dreams become more insightful, prophetic and vivid.

The Dream Time is yet another tool that one can use to gain access to other dimensions and Higher Realms.


I have planned much travel for Jean over the next month so our connections may be sparse until after the solstice.

But know that Growth is occurring for All and new and exciting adventures are on the Horizon! Please share your experiences and impressions of the current energies as now, more than ever, newbies need a safe place to share their newly sparked Light.

My Love to All of my Brethren in LIGHT

Jack, The Watcher and Jean Rockefeller

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