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Jack on Watchers and the Divine Feminine

Here's Jack with more information about the Watchers and the Divine Feminine:

I am an Avatar, a representative and a connection to all of the Watchers and the Divine Beings currently assisting humanity. The number of beings cannot be quantified, as some are individual energies, some are collective energies, some are Earth Energies, and many are what you would call Alien Energies. All of the Watchers are connected to each other, to the Earth and to all the Benevolent Entities that are currently assisting humanity. The healing I offer through these messages is gathered from all of these sources and is then funneled to Jean and to the words as she generates them in written form. Each word, each letter, each sentence and each paragraph is in very specific order and must be delivered in perfect order to impart and energize the matrix that is embedded within it. This is why the message may not be delivered with perfect grammar or syntax as it needs to be specific in length as the energy needs a certain time allotment in order to be completely passed onto you. Simultaneously, you receive the matrix contained within these words and the healing energy is made available just because you are open to receiving it by way of this message. The energy is then passed onto to you by way of your guardians. They are able to deliver the energy to you, and assist you in receiving the amount of energy you need. You can fuel the energy with Gratitude and you can also ask that the energy be increased until you are aware of its presence. Remember, you can’t overdo it, as the energy has a safety valve built into it. Your higher self has led you to read my words and in doing so, has allowed you to be open to receive the healing that this message is imparting.

The information contained in the messages is purely for your edification. The true power of the message lies within the matrix that is contained within it and imparted to you as you read the words. As my message is passed from person to person, it gains strength and begins to elevate all who are either in the direct vicinity of the message or come in contact with a being who has read it.

The healing matrix embedded within this message is an infusion of the Divine Feminine Energy along with an awakening to the “Interconnectedness to All.” As the Divine Feminine Energy is so powerful and so pathetically lacking within humanity, it will be delivered in increments over the coming linear multiple year time. This is to allow the physical body time to adjust so as to not be overwhelmed by this powerful energy.

All Watchers, in which I speak, are in animal form. We are dotted all over the Earth. Some Watchers are domestic animals and some Watchers are wild animals. We communicate telepathically and over energy lines that run through and around the Earth. We all have a connection to the crystalline core of the Earth as this is where we are able to draw energy to recharge our physical bodies, as well as send and receive communications. It’s not just Watchers, but All animals have the ability to intercommunicate, sharing vital information that aids in the survival of all. Lion will help Zebra, Hyena will help Wart Hog, Raven will help Wolf. Think about it; if predators tell prey where to find food and water, they are ensuring their own survival as they are helping to keep their food source alive and healthy. Prey animals need to help predators so their numbers are kept in check to ensure that they have enough food and water for all. It’s all about balance, something that nature does automatically.

The most important “Wild Watchers” are the Elephant, Rhinoceros, and Lion. As it is written in the Scrolls of Knowledge, these species hold and protect the Divine Feminine Energy. They are the Holy Trinity of the Divine Feminine and each species imparts a particular aspect of the energy. It has been entrusted to these majestic Watchers to safeguard these energies until such time that it can be released during the Ascension process. Now is the time for this to begin.

An entire book could be written about all three of these Divine creatures however, in this message I will introduce the energy of the Elephant.

It is Elephant's ability to empathize that allows Her to embody the energy of the “Interconnectedness to All.” Through Her empathy, She can fully conceptualize the ramifications of Her thoughts, actions, and communications. The ripple effect of Her very existence is known to her. Her empathic ability is so advanced that is difficult to effectively describe it with mere words. It is something that most humans will not and should not be able to completely comprehend at this time, but that is not the point. A mere fraction of Her energy is all that needs to be experienced and by working with the energy contained within this message that ability will awaken within you. Please invite the Elephant energy to join you as you read these words…

She can feel the Earth through her feet and trunk and she can send and receive vibrations for up to 5 miles. She can emit a very low tone through her trunk that cannot be heard by humans but can be heard for miles to those who are attuned to it. She uses this tone to locate water and food as well as to send communications.

Humans use the expression, “walking a mile in someone else’s shoes.” This statement is the epitome of empathy, although spoken often, is not truly embraced in totality. It is rarely extended to any being other than a human and even so will create exceptions within their mind. My hope is that through this message, that is coming from a horse, will help you see all species in a different light. Denying empathy to animals and to all kingdoms, allows humans to perpetuate the current state of disconnect.

Elephant can communicate with a touch of Her trunk, and She can wield destruction through Her entire being if threatened. She will sacrifice Herself to save Her herd as her herd is the center of her being. She is the archetype of a matriarch and the embodiment of the Divine Feminine. It is said that an elephant never forgets, and that is the truth. They never forget someone who has wronged them or helped them as this is purely a female trait as any male will tell you. Please understand that as humanity destroys these wild creatures, they are destroying the very energy that can save them! Animals hold the energy that can set all of creation free from the destruction that has plagued us all for millennia. The child-like male energy that is pervasive now has been trying to suppress the Divine Feminine since it realized that it had the physical ability to do so. But, thankfully, that is changing. It is my privilege to assist at this time with the reintroduction of the Divine Feminine energy. As you read these words about the Elephant, emotions may surface. Rejoice! As that means that the energy is awakening within you. This energy is meant to awaken a dormant part of your being that has been lying in wait until now. Elephants are emotion, and if you do not feel anything now, know that you will as it is meant to be, otherwise you would not be here reading these words at this time.

The Energy of Empathy that Elephant is sharing is gentle yet powerful. It will allow you to be kinder, more considerate and more compassionate. It will assist you in breaking down any barriers you have that have prevented you from having authentic relationships with others. It will help you to be mindful of your actions, reactions, thoughts, and feelings. These attributes will assist you in creating a true connection to All.

There was a time when the Feminine was regarded as a sacred energy and it was cherished. That time has now come full circle and in order to receive a true and balanced infusion of Divine Feminine Energy, one must have two abilities: A true connection to “All That Is” on the Earth and the second is a deep connection to the Earth. Fortunately, both of these abilities are afforded through the energy of Elephant. Because so many are disconnected from the Earth, and from each other, there is no true unending empathy, no true unending compassion and no true understanding of how their actions, thoughts and words affect everyone and everything on this planet.

The Divine Feminine Energy is introduced into your being through an umbilical cord. It will feed you the blood red energy of the Divine Feminine. This, my friends is the Holy Grail. Yes you read that correctly, THE HOLY GRAIL! It’s not a cup, it’s not a chalice, it is blood energy from the Mother Herself and now you are receiving it! You may sense it entering your umbilicus, that is good, but even if you have no awareness of it, know that it is occurring. Breathe in the energy and allow your being to drink from Mother’s Cup. She has waited so long for this time and She is overjoyed that you are here, at this time, connected once again to the Mother of All.

I could ramble on for days about the benefits an infusion of this energy will have, suffice it to say that it will have a balancing effect in all aspects of your life. Your health, your relationships, your emotions…everything will begin to change as all in your life begins to return to balance. Keep in mind that this energy is powerful, and because most people have only traces of it within them, it will be introduced only as quickly and as you can safely and comfortably integrate it. It is also pertinent to mention that healing is a process and not an event. With that being said, it may be necessary for you to revisit my words to receive additional infusions of the energy.

As I discussed in my last message, for centuries, a small group have misused the power of the Wisdom contained within the Scrolls of Knowledge and have perverted and stunted its growth so now it resembles a prepubescent boy with low self-esteem. “I can, therefore, I will” is the motto of this appalling energy. A small group of bullies has gathered together, pooled their energy and wreaked havoc and suffering upon this planet. They discovered long ago that they could force their will upon others by using their physical strength, royal positions, and greed; as they wielded their wicked energies with a vengeance and without mercy. They created war after war, generated disease, spawned starvation, and sucked every last penny out of their flock. Now the flock is almost devoid of life giving energy, the Divine Feminine, which is why disease, taxes, inflation, and unemployment are running rampant. These conditions fuel their malicious spirits and fill their pockets with blood money. Enough of that…

Now, let me share with you a much abbreviated history about the Divine Feminine Energy and the Holy Grail.

The Dogon Tribe in Africa is an ancient group of people who have been shielding and protecting the Divine Feminine Energy(The Holy Grail) for tens of thousands of years. The Dogon are descendants of a small group of Atlanteans who eventually settled in Egypt after the fall of Atlantis. It is important to mention that the Atlanteans misused and mistreated the power of the Divine Feminine and it was on aspect that led to their demise.

The release of the Divine Feminine Energy signals a shift in the current chakra system. The current 7 chakra system will soon become antiquated as a new paradigm is introduced. Soon healing will be easy and available to all for the asking. It is meant for the human physical body to be disease free, pain free and last much longer than it has in the past and you should be grateful knowing that you live in a time when that is becoming a reality. The reality of disease is coming to an end as a true and lasting shift is takeing place. So much more to share but this my friends, is the end of this message…


Jack the Watcher

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