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Healing with the Seal of Solomon

Here's a preview to Jack's upcoming message and something you can use right now:

This is a picture of a Seal of Solomon that I built in my backyard and you can access it merely through intention. Its capabilities are not limited by time and space and it can be used for any reason. The only stipulations are that the Seal of Solomon be used with an open Heart, Honor and Integrity and the Intention must ultimately serve the Highest Good of Gaia.

What can you do with the Seal of Solomon, you ask?

Let your heart be your guide...but here's something to get you started.

Once connected to the Seal of Solomon, you can recite the following declaration.It is intended to release energies contained within your being connected to negative familial cords, contracts and patterns.

As well as contracts you are honoring that are no longer relevant to your existence. You can recite this declaration on behalf of your animal companions but you Cannot recite it on behalf of another person Unless you have their verbal permission to do so.

To begin:

  • Quiet your mind, relax and consciously intend on connecting with the Heart of Gaia through the pictured Seal of Solomon.

  • After connecting, say the following declaration out loud and with purpose:

  • "I now rescind all cords, contracts and energies connected to negative familial patterning, negative programming, limited beliefs and invisible loyalties that hinder my well-being and prevent me from realizing my full and divinely planned potential. I declare that this be done as afforded me under my Divine Rights that are deemed by Creator and mandated by my Divine Birthright. I declare that these cords, contracts and connected energies be cleared In Totality NOW, throughout my entire body and being; DNA and soul lineage-Past, Present and Future and throughout all layers and levels of time, space and dimension. So Be It."

If this declaration is pertinent for you, you will experience an energetic shift quickly, if not immediately. It is not necessary to verbalize it more than once. If you have experienced a shift, then it is working. If not, then this declaration is not relevant for you.


Many Blessings of Abundance and Love,

Jack, The Watcher through his faithful human companion, Jean

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