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Healing Energy from Dane

This handsome lad is Dane, my back-up horse. Whenever Jack is “busy”, Dane is there for me. Dane occupies the stall directly next to Jack and his “owner” rarely visits him. I long ago adopted Dane, with the blessing of his owner and treat him as if he were my own.

Dane is an incredibly healing and patient soul and works specifically with abandonment issues. He will release the inherent fears associated with abandonment, whether it be from this lifetime or from the past. He will fill the voids that are within you as well as assisting in manifesting what you need to fill these voids.

Dane wants me to mention that he can also be mischievous when permitted, but not in a malicious way. His impish behavior is only intended to bring joy and laughter to the human.

My daughter has been on the receiving end of Dane’s “impish” behavior. While my daughter was riding Dane, He Jumped over the ring fence and cantered through the field as my daughter laughed at entire experience. She had never cantered a horse nor ridden a horse as they jumped a fence but nonetheless giggled the entire time as Dane carried her to pure joy.

It is with utmost Joy that I share Dane’s energy with you. If you can open your heart, Dane will find a way in…

With Love, Jean

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