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Current Energy Advisory

The Turkey will be guiding us for the next 6 weeks. When the Turkey appears, it denotes tumultuous energy either releasing or entering into the Earth that requires tempering and recapitulation. In this case, it is both. Right now, pulses are coming into the Earth from the center of the cosmos as energy is simultaneously released from deep within Gaia. The current energy situation is far greater in magnitude then we have ever experienced. Only the Turkey, the Earth Eagle, has the capability to work simultaneously with both the Earth Energies and the Cosmological energies.

The Galactic Squirrel spoke of Volcanic eruptions from deep within Gaia. That is now occurring in Hawaii and will continue to increase in intensity for some time before settling and stabilizing. Under the guidance of Gaia, Goddess Pele is now tasked with releasing unquantifiable energy that is currently without resonance to Gaia and Her inhabitants. Please send Pele Love and Gratitude. Her job is nothing short of enormous and all appreciation from Humanity will ease her burden.

  • Personally, expect disruptions for the next few weeks such as:

  • Seeing strange things from the corner of your eyes.

  • Items disappear and then reappear later and unexpectedly.

  • Items may altogether disappear without a trace.

  • Being forgetful at times, contrasted with moments of brilliance and high intelligence.

Connection to the Galactic Squirrel will assist you through this transitional phase.

In Love, Jack and Jean

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