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Black and White Dragon Event in Australia

This photo was taken during the final transmission of the Black and White Dragon Event which was a perfect balance of both the Black and White dragon frequencies. Out of the 16 horses that reside on Free Rein Australia, only the 2 black horses-Opal and Scarlet and the 2 white horses-Mac and Grace, were present in the arena with us during this time. Validating that the horses were truly present, aware and facilitating along with Nature, Humans and Gaia. The energy of the moment was captured in the photo and please tune in to share in the energy.

It was an incredible experience to share space with the 16 horses that reside on Free Rein Australia. Their abilities are almost inexplicable and if you live near this farm, I would encourage you to have a session with Cindy and the magnificent horses that reside at Free Rein Australia. You will be forever changed, as I was.

Love to you all, Jean

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