Welcome to the Gaia Connection! I'm Jean Rockefeller, and together with my partner, Jack, I offer a powerful healing modality that comes from the heart of Mother Earth. It's like nothing you've experienced before. When we calibrate your energy field and merge it with Gaia, your healing and transformation begins. 

Healing from the Heart of Gaia

The healing potential within our planet includes the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms, as well as Gaia Herself. The Gaia Connection helps you tap into these energies as one united force. 

Animals are truly amazing. As an animal communicator, empath, and intuitive, I have worked with many animals that are highly evolved. Their wisdom eclipses that of even the most enlightened humans.


My partner, Jack, is one of these. And there are many more. Highly evolved beings cloaked in animal form are in my home—and maybe yours.


The mission of these master beings is to remind us that healing, hope, and happiness comes from a source that is easily and readily accessible. By opening to their gifts, we enable ourselves to expand into limitless territory.


Book a Session

Schedule a session—for yourself or your animals—with Gaia, Jean, Jack, and our crew. Tell us whether the session is for you, an animal companion or both, and provide your name and the specific dates and times you are available. ​I am in the Eastern time zone, so if you are in a different time zone, please use this converter to calculate the time differential. It will make scheduling faster. Our fee is $150 USD per hour.

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