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Energy in the Himalayas Continues to be Unsettled

Hello Friends! The energy in Himalayas continues to be unsettled and will remain so for some time. However, with these energy releases, Gaia is breathing a sigh of deep relief as She is now able to let go of deep and long held bundles of energy that she has held in close guard for eons.

As previously stated, the Himalayas contain an immense amount of long stored wisdom, matrices and bio-upgrades that are necessary to not only Our Evolution but for the Evolution of Gaia as well. Gaia's Ascension is pivotal, not only to Our own advancement but the progression of the entire solar system is riding on Her back. This is one of the reasons that there is immense Galactic support for our Little Blue Planet.

I and all of Nature, continue to do Our part by helping to ground, integrate and move newly introduced frequencies around the planet. I am currently working with Turkey, Hawk, Woodpecker and Plant Kingdom in this capacity. Right now, I am able to accomplish much more and expend far less physical energy because the veil between time, space and dimensions continues to be very light. This is due to the Higher frequency energy that is now available.

Expect continued disruptions in your own lives and for those around you. Mood swings will be prevalent. Be patient with yourself and those around you as they too are adjusting to the energy fluctuations.

Many Abundant Blessings,

Jack, The Watcher

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