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Black Squirrel Energy

Hello Everyone! I am excited to share that we have entered a period of almost immediate manifestation and our thought creations can appear almost instantaneously.

I would advise to be very mindful of your thoughts over the next week, keeping them positive and uplifting. Negativity of any kind will have almost instant repercussions. This includes your words, actions and feelings as well. I am speaking globally as well as personally.

What has been hidden for so long, is coming to the surface and an opportunity to be liberated from longstanding unwanted programming is available at this time. The justice system will deal with the global muck but you must confront your own limitations.

If a situation arises that you have tried multiple times to release, do not fall into familiar reactive patterns. Instead pause, take a step back and view the experience from a higher perspective. This will allow you to shift the experience and exit the loop.

The Black Squirrel will be sharing more information shortly but for now you can connect to her by commanding the following:

  • CONNECT - wait a few seconds


  • OPEN



Her energy will help release you from loops and limitations and assist in navigating the current tumultuous energies that are upon us.

Love to you All!

Jack, Jean and the Watchers

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