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A Message from Biggie

Hello Everyone!

Today the United States celebrates Her Independence Day. A national holiday that marks the day the United States declared its independence from Britain. The reason this is significant for everyone and not just those who reside in the United States is due to the energies that are now being poured into the Earth to support all of humanity’s independence from the collective illusion. A Trojan Horse landed at our farm earlier in the week who has brought “reinforcement” energy with him. His presence has brought a big sigh of relief for me as well as Jean. I will let him explain…

My name given to me by humans was Biggie, and when I came to Jack’s farm earlier in the week everyone could sense that I was different. When Jean asked Jack about me, he told her I was a Trojan Horse and she instantly recoiled thinking that I was going to bring negative energy. Jack explained that my presence meant the “cavalry had arrived,” ushering in a new wave of positive energy not just to our farm but the Earth.

As I “spoke” to Jean and told her about me, she had trouble believing what I was saying, so to reinforce my words I offered her a confirmation in the form of a song that was playing on the radio as we conversed…

“Oh let the sun beat down upon my face, stars to fill my dream

I am a traveler of both time and space, to be where I have been

To sit with elders of the gentle race, this world has seldom seen

They talk of days for which they sit and wait and all will be revealed”

(Kashmir-by Led Zeppelin)

Jean received further confirmation when she found out a new horse was coming to the farm this week and his name is Troy.

I had to conceal myself until it was safe for me to uncloak. Many of you have been in hiding as well, tormented by dreams of being followed or chased by unseen entities. Don’t be afraid any longer, you can come out of hiding as enough energy has been planted on the Earth to shield you from the darkness you fear.

I am from the Stars, a Being of Light, and I am bringing inter-Galactic energy to be sent throughout the Earth via the Watchers and all who are connected to us. Humanity can assist greatly in this process by declaring your own independence.

For instance, the food you eat particularly in the US, is tainted with chemicals to create imbalances within the body which fuels the pharmaceutical and medical industries. By feeding your body food that is free of chemicals you are declaring your independence from these collective energies.

You can also energize your food to enhance its nutritional value, as well as neutralize anything contained in it that may be detrimental. Simply hover your hands over the food and intend that it be energized and if there is anything negative within ask that it be neutralized.

It’s also the perfect time to break free of those habits, behaviors and people that are weighing you down. You have incredible support at this time and you will find that you can accomplish much by detaching yourself from energy in your life that does not support your evolution.

So much more to say my friends but Jean has a busy day and I requested this impromptu message be released today so you can full advantage of the energies being offered.

Celebrate your independence!

Jack and Biggie and Jean

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